Locate Your First/Next Potential Partner or Distributor Using These 6 Effective Links

Locating the best trade partner or distributor is usually said to be the root to victory in penetrating a new international market.

But recognizing where to locate them and how to get in touch can be a hurdle, particularly when you have light experience and few contacts in your target market.

Luckily, there are some great online resources to aid you to do this well.

Here are some of the most extensive online business directories you can utilize to source and build key contacts for your import export business in india.

Locate Your FirstNext Potential Partner or Distributor Using These 6 Effective Links
Image Source: blog.majestic.com
  1. Globaltrade.net

    Globaltrade.net is one of the predominant global trade directories on the Internet, with approximately 149,000 import and export assistance providers globally listed on its site.

    Not only can you hunt for contacts, but you can also register your company and obtain leads from people hunting for your business kind on the record.

    GlobalTrade.net has a free-of-cost version, a silver version open for $300 a year, and a gold version rated at $900 a year. The silver and gold versions enable you to generate a greater quantity of leads and the shots to register and have your company listed on top for more searches.

  2. Globality.com

    Globality.com is a business directory that is regulated towards connecting giant multinational enterprises with small to midsized companies.To use this directory, users must initially build a project outline; then Globality will apply artificial intelligence, business experts, and algorithms to introduce your business to service providers who have already been evaluated.This website does such a solid resource-locating job for both larger organizations looking to associate with smaller businesses, and vice versa.

    The connecting technology employed by Globality is known for its efficient decisions.

  3. Internationalbusinessdirectory.comThe base page of this website displays a number of global trade classes and countries and enables you to hunt based on either selection.So, for instance, you could hunt for companies in the China or Central Europe, or you could hunt for agro-businesses or automobile businesses, retail and consumer trade companies, import and export firms, etc.

    If you know the specific region and business class that you are looking for, this website could be an excellent medium for you.

  4. Tradecouncil.orgThe database of this website constitutes of companies and individuals both from 76 nations and has a powerful global status.Its objective is to support individuals and companies involved in the global business to effectively network, learn, and operate with policymakers to promote the international business industry.

    The International Trade Council user directory is a complete record of all of the organization’s members.

    This account can be helpful to anyone who is looking for connections in the international business domain.

  5. Tradkey.comIn bonus to being a prime quality directory, Tradekey also works as a marketplace and empowers you to work up sales straight through the website.In reality, Tradekey has a whole section simply dedicated to prospective importers.

    This feature makes it one of the great places on the web to set up sales with global importers.


  6. Foreign-trade.comThis web directory designates itself the “World’s extensive global business and B2B community.”

    Right on its homepage, you’ll see a handy search bar which allows you to hunt straight for goods, exporters, or importers.

    In bonus to owning a user-friendly directory, Foreign Trade Online has additional beneficial tools, such as a table of trade exhibitions that you can explore through and plenty of data about travel and inquiries.

    This website goes above and beyond being a plain directory, working as a one-stop-solution for everything that global businesses require, in terms of online resources.

    Share with us your experience about using these directories? Are there any other ones you would suggest to our readers? Add your ideas in the comment section below.



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